How to Improve sales productivity and remote selling with Sales accelerator

The world today is vastly different than it was just a few months ago. People are working remotely, and in-person sales are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Many companies have scrambled to digitally adapt their sales organization. The good news is that this evolution will lay the foundation for success now and into the future—arming teams with the power to leverage the data and digital tools necessary to drive business

How to Secure File Sharing for your Business

As an employee or business owner, there is always a need to share files with coworkers and clients. But is your current method of file sharing secure? Are you keeping important records and sensitive data protected and safe? Take a look at these best practices to keep your organization’s data safe.

Signal Alliance pushes ambitious holdco structure ahead of 25 years anniversary

In 1996, as a small group of technology executives were giving the world the term “cloud computing”, in Nigeria a small technology company was opening its doors for the first time.  That company, Signal Alliance, will later this year celebrate its 25 years anniversary. In hindsight, coming into the cloud market and information technology (IT) […]

How to Strengthen Customer Engagement with the Right Analytics

Data-driven marketing offers industry leaders the opportunity to increase their market growth while shaping customer satisfaction. Companies embracing this idea are three times more likely than others to say they have achieved a competitive advantage in customer engagement. Encourage dialogue between your consumers and brand by improving your strategy with these four approaches…