Best Highlights of Microsoft Teams: 12 Amazing Features that make Team Collaboration and Productivity Seamless in 2021

Since Microsoft Teams arose in 2017, it has been acquiring remarkable popularity. Evolved to replace Skype for Business, Teams offers all your team requires to collaborate and be productive. Your team get one-on-one discussions, bunch informing, video gatherings, and sound calls just on one platform. The application is integrated with Outlook, Word, SharePoint, and other Microsoft applications. In case you’re now utilizing Microsoft efficiency instruments, Teams is a characteristic fit. Isn’t that amazing? What are the features of Microsoft Teams? The five minutes left in your meeting warning — This is a warning that pops up notifying meeting attendees when there is

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Windows Hello!

Say goodbye to passwords with Windows Hello. Use your face, fingerprint or companion device instead of a password to sign in faster and more securely to your Windows devices, apps and Microsoft Edge websites. CONTACT US for set-up Reports of identity theft and large-scale hacking are frequent headlines. And nobody wants to be notified that their username and password have been exposed. You may wonder how a PIN can help protect a device better than a password. Passwords are shared secrets; they are entered on a device and transmitted over the network to the server. An intercepted account name and

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Encouraging and Enabling Collaboration in Modern Workplace

The tools, technologies, and policies of a business directly impact an organization’s productivity and most important, profitability. The core role of IT is to enable business – whether it be transactional systems, systems of record, making data available in new and accessible ways, or making the day to day operation of the business more efficient and effortless.  One of the great things about enabling workplace collaboration through technology is that you do not have to do much for employees to adopt the solution. If the tool is intuitive to use, well thought out, and especially if some employees are already

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Comparative Cost Analysis Between the Cloud and On-Premises Solutions

Is your organization evaluating whether to transition your ERP solution to the cloud or stay on-premises?  To determine whether this transition is right for your company, you’ll need to understand the economic impacts of your current ERP solution and what your ERP might look like in the cloud.  Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a financial estimate to determine your economic value of investment against your total direct and indirect costs over your system lifecycle. The TCO estimate considers the six cost areas every company needs to understand when visualizing their company’s transition to the cloud.  Let’s dive into a

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Protect Multi-Cloud Workloads With New Azure Security Innovations

In the last few months, COVID-19 has changed almost everything about the way we approach work and security. Now, you must meet the needs of a remote workforce, support rapidly evolving business requirements, and steer your organization to the next normal – even without actually knowing what that normal will entail. At the same time, cybersecurity is more crucial than ever, as bad actors exploit the opportunity to prey on fears and weaknesses. On the surface, all of this may seem intimidating. But with this kind of dramatic change also comes the opportunity to evolve. We know that the “new

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