As local and international business continue to embrace the open/mobile enterprise, the need for comprehensive and ADAPTIVE security measures has become paramount for every organization; large and small.

More importantly is the need for trusted Enterprise Security consultancy services to help businesses make the best decisions with regards to optimally securing not just their networks, but their outreach conduits to the customers as well.

Here at Signal Alliance, we understand these needs and as a leading technology provider, we have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with best in class security services.

Our security portfolio includes

 Managed Services –  Security Audits• Forensics• Rapid Response and Remediation• Training and Awareness

Cloud and Mobile Security- Identity and Access Management• Information Protection• Application Management• Mobile device Management

Perimeter Security- Next Generation Threat Prevention• Web Application Security• Email Security

Infrastructure Security-  End-Point Protection• Data Loss Prevention• Database Security• SIEM / Behavioural Analytics

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