Infrastructure Optimization Assessment

Majority of organizations today are undergoing a digital transformation involving intelligent Cloud. At the same time, many organizations continue to maintain an on-premises presence. To get the most of your on-premises infrastructure and lay the groundwork for digital technology requires devising a clear strategy.

Infrastructure Optimization Assessment helps your organization select and prioritize your current server workloads and applications to transition to the Cloud while providing insights on the business, costs, and technology benefits. 

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Today’s world reflects a new reality: Technology is ever-present through the cloud, offering easy access to digital services. And capitalizing on this shift is key to your organization’s innovation and growth.

Modern business in the cloud is the new normal. But this path forward brings new challenges. And some of these challenges are:

  1. Concerns about transition costs of legacy infrastructure
  2. Uncertainty on where to begin your cloud journey
  3. Ambiguity around prioritizing what workloads to move
  4. Optimizing application and server workloads 
  5. Understanding priorities for moving workloads 
  6. Legacy systems and barriers to Cloud migration 
  7. Migrating from on-premises to the Cloud

The Infrastructure Optimization Assessment helps your organization select and prioritize their current server workloads and applications to transition to the cloud while providing business insights, cost control, and technology benefits.

With the Infrastructure Optimization Assessment, we take a four-phased approach to determine your path forward:


Gather accurate data from your IT environment, Real-time details on your environment & Evaluate your infrastructure in relation to your overall strategy


Determine what changes are top priority, Review data to align business strategy and objectives & Identify prioritized solutions


Develop a roadmap for your organization’s cloud journey, prioritize workloads for move to Azure & Understand migration investment and benefits


Gain a partner to help you measure your progress, track, and achieve milestones using custom migration plans & Establish a utilization baseline for assessing progress
over time

Benefits of Infrastructure Optimization Assessment

  • Helps you better manage usage and consumption 
  • Gives insight into cost benefits of Cloud migration and cost of ownership 
  • Reduces costs through improved operational efficiencies 
  • Helps you prioritize moving workloads to the Cloud 
  • Evaluates your overall infrastructure in relation to your on-premises and Cloud strategy

In collaboration with our IT partner, Microsoft, we are offering this solution assessment at a Zero cost.

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