Microsoft Productivity.

Office 365 is Microsoft cloud Productivity Solution with the following products

  1. Exchange Online which offers cloud-based email, calendar, and contacts
  2. SharePoint Online gives you a central place to share documents and information so you could access them from virtually anywhere. It also helps you automate your business processes and workflows.
  3. Skype for Business which is a next-generation cloud communications service that connects people in new ways from anywhere by using presence, instant messaging, PC-to-PC calling, and rich online meetings with audio, video, and web conferencing.
  4. Office Web Apps are convenient online companions to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft OneNote that offer you an easy way to access, view, and edit documents directly from your web browser.
  5. Yammer: for Corporate Socials

Microsoft Data Platform

Our Microsoft Data Platform comprises of the following products and solutions

  1. Infrastructure Management:

Windows Azure:

  1. Used for Storage, backup and recovery of data with Geo replicated storage available globally
  2. For Development and testing of Applications.
  3. Extending your existing datacenter infrastructure to the cloud
  4. where your datacenter won’t by leveraging azure footprint of global datacenters
  5. Address Storage Challenges with Hybrid StorSimple Solution

System Center Suite:

Comprises of the following components for management of your on premise datacenter infrastructure. Components are System center configuration Manager, System center Operations Manager, System center Data Protection Manager, System center Virtual Machine Manager, System center Service Manager, Orchestrator and App controller.

  1. Mobility and Security

Use People Centric Unified Platform called Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) to provide

  1. Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium (Hybrid Identity): Providing Single sign on and Multifactor Authentication for a secured environment
  2. Mobile Device management (Windows Intune): Providing Mobile device management, Mobile application management with Selective Wipe.
  3. Microsoft Azure Rights Management service (Access and Information Protection): Information protection, Bring your own key, Connection to on premises
  4. Advanced Threat Protection: Used environment behavior to detect and report attacks and intruders in your environment.

Support Service

We provide Support for your Enterprise applications through Service Level Agreement for cloud and On-premise applications.