Cybersecurity Assessment

The need for organizations to protect their information has grown exponentially due to recent technological advances. With the increase in data threats and their resulting casualties due to technological advancement, there is a demand for tangible reassurance about the security of data. The Cyber Security Assessment provides an in-depth review of your ability to protect information assets against relevant threats.

With the Cyber Security Assessment, we evaluate the current information security capabilities, identify vulnerable areas, and provide recommendations on prioritizing areas for remediation. We take a rounded view of people, process and technology while providing an understanding of overall risk posture.

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Today’s world reflects a new reality: Technology is ever-present through the cloud, offering easy access to digital services. And capitalizing on this shift is key to your organization’s innovation and growth.

Modern business in the cloud is the new normal. But this path forward brings new challenges. And some of these challenges are:

  1. Concerns about transition costs of legacy infrastructure
  2. Uncertainty on where to begin your cloud journey
  3. Ambiguity around prioritizing what workloads to move

The Cybersecurity Assessment will help in identifying areas of potential risk with the cybersecurity programs. The end result of this assessment will provide your organization with a comprehensive look at its cybersecurity infrastructure, including current software deployment and usage, and deliver key insights to help them establish the right processes for cyber-risk reduction in the cloud.

With the Cybersecurity Assessment we take a four-phased approach to determine your path forward:


Gather accurate data from your IT environment. Gain full visibility into everything you have deployed and Identify unmanaged devices


Determine what changes are
top priority, discuss policies and controls to reduce risk, develop infrastructure to quickly respond to threats


Take action steps to secure your environment, address all immediate vulnerabilities, Understand the security benefits of the cloud


Gain a partner to help you measure your progress, track and achieve milestones using custom migration plans, establish a utilization baseline for assessing progress
over time.

Benefits of Cybersecurity Assessment


  • Helps identify vulnerabilities
  • Allows your organization to review security controls
  • Helps your organization security compliance
  • Helps mitigate future threats

In collaboration with our IT partner, Microsoft, we are offering this solution assessment at a Zero cost.

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