The cloud has changed more than the way we implement and manage IT; it’s changing the very fabric of businesses. With ready access to data, and intelligent new ways to view, analyze and use the information, the cloud has engendered powerful new capabilities which are disrupting entire business models.

And to accomplish such disruptive innovation, business leaders are required to transform all aspects of their businesses. They’re looking at their own markets for opportunities to leverage modern digital technologies to optimize operations, empower employees, transform products and services, and engage customers in new ways.

By 2019, IDC predicts all digitally transformed organizations will generate at least 45% of their revenue from “future of commerce” business models. And by 2020, in over half of Global 2000 firms, revenue growth from information-based products and services will be twice the growth rate of the balance of the portfolio.

Becoming known as a digital company is also affecting valuations. According to IDC, by 2020, investors will view digital businesses differently. Specific measures based on platform participation, data value, and customer engagement will account for over 75% of enterprise valuations.

In short, digital transformation is becoming a central strategy for modern business and digital maturity is paramount. It takes time and investment to make the incremental advances needed to become a “digitally native” organization.

It starts with cloud and data sophistication, but only truly becomes transforming when you are able to frame those skills within the context of the entire business.

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