Businesses depend on mission-critical software to run their business. Any slight application slowdown or outage can lead to legions of unhappy employees or customers.

Application Performance Management (APM) solutions can help monitor for performance issues, but they can also be used to gain insights to proactively improve performance as well. APM has grown into an essential tool that can be utilized by many departments within your business.

For development team: APM solutions collect a lot of data. Including code level performance, overall application usage and performance, metrics, log messages, errors, real user monitoring, and more. All of this data can be very valuable for developers when it comes to researching bugs in production.

For customer service team:  If they have access to basic APM dashboards, they could leverage those to better understand if any application problems exist when customers call to complain of application downtime.

For marketing teams: Major application outages are always a big PR problem for marketing teams, but hopefully they can use it to instead rave about how fast your application is.

In conclusion, Application performance is important to your entire business and APM solutions provide very flexible reporting option. You need to have a strategy in place to protect the reputation of your business. Contact a Signal Alliance APM specialist today (