Our experiences have left us forever fascinated by how much technology changed our lives. Here’s an example: Not so long ago, if you wanted to make an international phone call, you had to call an operator and ask to reserve a line, and then wait for a call back. And such calls were very expensive – so while you were talking, you watched the clock.

Today, when we travel, we can connect with our kids on Facebook – from the plane – and when we arrive at our destinations, we can participate in meetings and call home on Skype – all for free


With the click of a mouse, we can communicate with anyone, anywhere. Wow!
Technology changes at an almost dizzying rate, opening new opportunities for businesses in so many different areas. In just half a decade, the cloud has gone from a curiosity to the preferred destination for many mission-critical enterprise workloads.

Over the past 20 years, Signal Alliance has deployed several cloud based enterprise solutions for various companies and we are ready to discuss your business operations with you and professionally proffer the best solutions that suites your business.