Internet Explorer 11 is a consistent, reliable browser platform for enterprise web apps. Most large organizations have a wide variety of web apps that have evolved over the past 20 years. Only Internet Explorer 11 offers the security, manageability, performance, backward compatibility, and modern standards support that large web app portfolios need.

  • Internet Explorer 11 has the best backward compatibility of any web browser. With nine document modes, Internet Explorer 11 is the only browser with high-fidelity emulation for older versions of Internet Explorer. Upgrading apps to modern standards is still the best long-term strategy, but you can use backward compatibility to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 more quickly and easily.
  • Modern web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and WebGL ensure that Internet Explorer 11 works with today’s websites. As your business moves to more cloud-based apps and services, you need an enterprise-class browser to help ensure business continuity. Internet Explorer 11 provides consistency and reliability across your Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 desktops.
  • Internet Explorer 11 is more secure than older versions. For example, independent security firm NSS Labs found in 2010 that Internet Explorer 8 blocked about 85% of socially-engineered malware, but more recently reported a 99% block rate for Internet Explorer 11. With security features like SmartScreen and Enhanced Protected Mode, Internet Explorer 11 significantly reduces risk.
  • Internet Explorer 11 is fast, with improvements in JavaScript performance, network optimization, and fully hardware-accelerated text and JPEG rendering. Think your web apps on Internet Explorer 8 are slow? Breathe new life into them by upgrading to Internet Explorer 11, which will put your hardware investment to better use. Some organizations have justified their Internet Explorer 11 upgrade based on performance benefits alone!
  • Internet Explorer 11 can ease your next Windows migration, as Internet Explorer 11 is the only Internet Explorer version that runs on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. Upgrading to Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 now can help unlock the next generation of software, services, and devices.

Although Internet Explorer 11 offers the benefits of faster performance, improved security, better backward compatibility, support for modern standards, continued security updates and technical support, and easier Windows migrations, we haven’t forgotten the costs of upgrading, either. Investments like Enterprise Mode help reduce the cost of testing and remediating web apps. In fact, a March 2015 Forrester Consulting study found that nearly half of IT pros surveyed found the upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 was easier than previous browser upgrades. With great benefits and easier upgrades, migrating to Internet Explorer 11 makes sense.